Carnegie Mellon University

Class of 2022 (Junior)

Double Major:

B.S. Information Systems
B.S. Technology and Public Policy


Machine Learning
Human Computer Interaction

Relevant Coursework:

15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science, 15-122 Data Structures, 67-272 Web Application Design and Development, 67-262 Database Design and Development, 17-537 AI Methods for Social Good, 85-213 Human Information Processing and Artifical Intelligence, 16-455 Human Machine Virtuosity, 19-101 Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy, 84-405 Future of Warfare

About Me

I am currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University.

To create an innovative world, I believe there must be an interdisciplinary intersection of ideation, implementation, ethical evaluation.

For me, my minor in Human-Computer Interaction provides me with an education filled with a creative breadth, my Machine Learning minor teaches me the technical depth, my double major in Technology and Public Policy incites me to question a philosophical and ethical lens of humanity, and my primary major of Information Systems provides a strong intersection of the three.

I strive to contribute to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion through social computing, community service, and meaningful relationships to understand the social implications of technology.

Professional Experience

Data Science Research Assistant

•  Web scraped and topic modeled Congressional speeches with Python to develop a computer-aided program that indicates latent variables of international relationships during the Cold War
•  Created automated Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis with Python to identify Senator’s sentiments through speech texts regarding policies
January 2019 - May 2019
September 2020 - Present
Pittsburgh, PA

AI Fairness Research Assistant

•   Using Machine Learning techniques to identify false/true positive rates within fairness toolkits to quantify and mitigate AI biases
•   Designing user studies to measure group fairness in post-processing algorithms to provide feedback for Microsoft and IBM’s open-source fairness
September 2020 - Present
Pittsburgh, PA

Production Engineering Intern

•   Published paper on developing machine learning programs in site reliability engineering tools to classify cross-metric statistics and queries
•   Reduced unresolved period of incidents by 380% by automating debugging methods that identify failure details in the email application stack
June 2020 - August 2020
Sunnyvale, CA

Computer Vision Research Assistant

•  Tested computer vision algorithms to develop classroom technology to provide personalized feedback of students to indicate how teachers can improve
•  Used OpenCV’s ArUco markers on Virtual Reality headsets to further Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) and Stereo Depth Vision research
January 2019 - May 2019
Pittsburgh, PA

Founder and Instructor

•  Developed curriculum to teach students basic robotics engineering principles (e.g., gear ratios through projects such as Lego flywheels, etc.)
•  Founded robotics programs at 4 local educational development companies that empower students through STEM and promote FIRST robotics
September 2014 - August 2018
Fremont, CA


Carnegie Mellon’s motto is “My heart is in the work”, but really, my work should be from the heart.

Here's a short clip of my speech I gave to CMU about my thoughts on passion and work.

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