If you didn't read the description earlier about how much I love Avatar, the Last Airbender, also check out my Avatar Kinect Game.

Long story short, I still watch Avatar while I'm in college. It's my stress reliever show. Watch on Netflix right now!

I used to think that I was going to be the Avatar like Aang when I grow up (my initials are ANG so I really thought I was destined to be the Avatar).

I also wanted to practice my 3D printing and CAD skills, so I decided I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and make Appa (Aang's flying bison's) whistle.

Technical Process

I found the image above on Google Images, so I used it as an outline as I traced the shape of Appa on SolidWorks using the Spline Tool. Once I got the shape, I extruded the body and created two simple horns.

CAD File

Here's a picture of how the final CAD turned out.


People always ask me if the whistle actually works. In the show, it's ironic because the whistle doesn't make any sounds. So, to answer the audience: yes, it does work as a functional Appa whistle, but not a real whistle.