Here's a 30 second video that demonstrates the project in a more exciting way.

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For the Hack112 Hackathon, my group and I developed a “Cookin’ Mama” Game with the Leap Motion SDK and 3D Motion Sensor which simulates a realistic environment for players to practice cooking. The 3 stages of cooking a meat: “tenderizing”, “slicing”, and “sauteing” trains players to delicately handle food.

Depending on how steady the player’s hand is, the program will adjust its level of difficulty with each stage using data analytics to be user-centric.

How It Works

With the (x,y,z) planes, the player’s virtual cooking hand is normalized to create a depth illusion. The algorithms in this program will evaluate the player’s skill and steadiness by analyzing the player’s hand’s velocity. For instance, if the player is beating the meat rather than tenderizing the meat, the program will adjust the next stage to be easier.